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India-Hyderabad Art Gallery.

Superb Collection of Original Contemporary Indian Art for Sale! Your chance to make some of them your own! At Gallery Space you can buy original Indian Contemporary Art Online.

Gallery Space invite Art Lovers across the world, NRIs and Business Houses to utilize the opportuniy presented by Gallery Space to acquire valuable paintings.


VASANTHAGAMAM .....with difrent colours...: From 24th feb 2014 to 10th march 2014.......Nagesh Goud ,Saraswathi ,Poonam Chandrika ,Kumar Swamy ,Sadashiv Rao ,Sayeeda Ali ,Archana Rajguru,Ramana Reddy,Rangoli Garg ,Anjaneyulu ,Jaya Prakash ,Vinod Chowdary,Shuvankar Maitra,Pramod Reddy



Ramana Reddy  
Born: 1966, Hyderabad. Studied: A painter and sculptor Ramana Reddy received his training in fine arts from JNTU, Hyderabad and MSU, Baroda. In 1991 ICCR sponsored his study tour to Germany where he settled and became the part of avant-garde artists of Munich. Selected Exhibitions: He held several solo and group shows in the major cities of India and Germany; in New York, Australia and Austria. He has also participated in number of camps in India, Germany and Japan. He is an installation artist who has done large-scale site-specific installations. He also paints & sculpts. At present he lives and works in Hyderabad

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Ramesh Gorjala
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