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India-Hyderabad Art Gallery.

Superb Collection of Original Contemporary Indian Art for Sale! Your chance to make some of them your own! At Gallery Space you can buy original Indian Contemporary Art Online.

Gallery Space invite Art Lovers across the world, NRIs and Business Houses to utilize the opportuniy presented by Gallery Space to acquire valuable paintings.


ART, AESTHETICS & UTILITY: show sunday march 8th to 25th march. Participating Artists- Laxman Aelay Asit Kumar Patnaik Anand Panchal Jaya Baheti Gautam mukherjee Snehalatha Ramesh Gorjala K.R.Santana Krishnan Chippa Sudhakar Fawad Tamkanat B. bhaskara rao Srinivas Tingeerkar Priyanka Aelay Afza Tamkanat



laxman  aelay
Before Laxman Aelay chose to become a professional artist, he was a signboard painter and then a much sought after and respected designer and illustrator of books. His work was highly thought of within Telugu literary circles, but soon the painter in him compelled Aelay to enroll in college for a degree in Fine Arts, and took up full time freelance painting straight after that. Laxman''s paintings are nostalgic, depicting the rural people he grew up amongst. His source of inspiration has been the lives of these poverty stricken people from his village - Kadirenigudem. Recently, Aelay switched over from using white, black and shades of gray, which he preferred in his paintings, to using vivid colours to depict flowers, jewellery and traditional clothing. His earlier preference to paint on large sized canvases and papers has also been abandoned, and his latest works are much smaller and compact.

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Fawad Tamkanath
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